Work from home: 8 quintessential tips to improve productivity


Some people find work from home overwhelming, while others loathe it. It can be amazing as you have flexibility in your schedule and can enjoy the luxuries of home, but it can also prove stressful if not done properly. Since no one is watching you at home, where do you think you are getting your productivity at work? Are you able to get all the stuff done on time?

Depending on your mindset and the routine you follow increases or decreases productivity at work. Being productive at work is very important because only then can you work better and efficiently. You might try some of the suggestions below if you are distracted and having difficulties at work.

1. It is not enough to be busy… the question is what are we busy about? Set a proper schedule

We all have a routine at work that we usually follow. You have an unswerving start and end of the day. These things get blurred when we work from home. You don’t have to pay attention to the arrival and the departure time and there is no explicit track of what you do the whole day.

This needs to be avoided.

All you need to do today is set a firm schedule and start following it religiously. Like waking up at the right time, getting a shower, and move whatever is in your routine.

2. Get up, dress up, show up and never give up

Getting ready for work is one of the most fascinating things. When you go to the office, you love to wear amazing ironed clothes in which you feel comfortable and active. Similarly, you have to choose the clothes or your favorite outfit if you are working from home as well.

If you feel comfortable in pajamas, sleepwear, or kurta whatever it is. Wear that!

Yes, you heard it right you should wear what you feel comfortable in to stay productive during working hours. Why not get the office’s clothing vibes at home only, if you like them to wear them?

3. It’s not that we use technology, we live technology

Do I need to tell in how much modernized and the tech-based world we are living in?

So this is something we need the most in the working hours. A dedicated workspace is needed that will help you in providing quality work, the space where you just do not sit but also gets the uninterrupted working connection.

A poor internet connection or an out-of-date system can be exasperating.
Imagine you are in a very important meeting and you lose your internet connection! Well, I can understand that this is quite embarrassing and irritating.

This is where I feel that a good Wi-Fi, updated computer, can work pretty well for you.

4. Consistent working hours!! Don’t count, make them prolific

How many times have you lost the work track by working from home?

Many times right?

When you are constantly working and completely into work, then you don’t even realize how quickly time has passed. But this is somewhere not right as overdoing it can be unhealthy.

So better fix your hours of working and give a proper balance to your professional and personal life. Rather than working for 14 hours, try working for 7 but that should be consistent and focused.

5. Set a goal that makes you jump out of bed in the morning

Wellness is very important for the right amalgamation of body, mind, and soul. This is why you should have a perfect morning and night routine. Like if you are awaking at night for long then it is very exhausting in the morning to wake up. Better make a routine

• Wake up before your working hour
• Freshen up and have a beverage you like
• Exercise for at least half an hour
• Lay down on the floor
• Meditate and then start the work. You will stay fresh for the whole day.

6. Breaks are of course meant for humans. You are not robots!

Office breaks are different but when you are at home, the whole scenario gets changes. At home, your breaks are more than work and this situation can be a mess. Therefore you need to set precise time for breaks and let your brain work accordingly.
Fix the working hours; take some specific breaks like tea, a walk, and lunch. Avoid too much work and too many breaks.

7. Engage, enlighten, encourage through social media

We all admit to this situation that social media is one of the most common distractions we have in our lives. But this is something very much needed. Your distraction and productivity from social media depend on what you are watching. It is not wrong to use social media during work, but how much time and on what you are using depends.

8. You want them, work with them. It’s that simple

When you are not communicating with them, then how will you work with them?

Interaction with your team is one thing very much required. For a healthy professional life balance, coordination is essential. You can call or message your colleague and stay in touch with the team that can help in accommodating and balancing heavy workloads easily. When you are in constant contact, this helps in adding flexibility in work and face unique challenges easily.

I hope these points can help you in increasing productivity during Work from Home.

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